Patricia Hermans


My name is Patricia Hermans. I am an artist- and performance psychologist and music lover. I also have experience overcoming performance anxiety myself, by implementing performance psychology.

My mission is to improve the mental health of artists. That is why I started Stalen Zenuwen (translated: nerves of steel). I offer individual coaching, mental training and workshops. Also, I write articles and blog entries about the mental aspects of being an artist. I love how my passions for the performing arts and helping people come together in performance psychology.
What's more beautiful than helping others, helping artists, to become the best version of themselves? 


The entertainment business is a field in which it is important to perform at your best. The pressure is high. Besides being a good artist, it is essential to perform optimally on critical moments. That is what performance psychology focuses on: by training the mental side of performing, you can become the best version of yourself, fulfill your ambitions and perform optimally at the most important moments.

Stalen Zenuwen offers coaching, training and workshops for performers and others working in the entertainment industry. Singers, dancers, musicians, actors, presentors, dj's and entertainers might benefit from coaching. Sessions can be face-to-face or online.
The aim of coaching is mental training or dealing with a specific issue:



Mental training

With mental training, you'll learn a set of skills that help you as a musician become the best version of yourself. These skills originate in the field of sports- & performance psychology and have helped elite performers perform at their best for years. We also make an individual performance profile. This shows both your strengths and improvement areas.
By training the mental side of performing, you can become even better than you already are. You'll have improved concentration, focus, confidence, mental toughness and resilience.

Becoming the best version of yourself & develop your talents

Realize your ambitions

Perform optimally on the moments that matter most


Dealing with specific issues

Artists or performers are human beings, just like everybody else. However, performing for an audience does come with a number of challenges or issues. Coaching can help with such issues, like:

  • Dealing with expectations, criticism and rejection
  • When auditions don't go as well as rehearsals
  • Coping with pressure
  • Staying true to yourself
  • Performance anxiety
  • Practicing (in)efficiently
  • Making career choices
  • Writer's block
  • etc.

Coping with fame, fans and pressure


Plan and practice efficiently


If you have any questions or if you would like to request an appointment, please contact me.

All queries will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the NIP Code of Ethics.